Who We Are

We are a group of like minded artists with a passion for bringing professional quality production to anyone with a dream and drive. Our diverse backgrounds ensures that you’ll get a variety of opinions informed by years of industry experience.

Benjamin Lewin

Executive Producer, Director of Photography

Benjamin Lewin is a SAG-AFTRA actor, producer, and the co-founder of Tangerine Funk. As a professional theater actor in Boston, MA, Benjamin was nominated for a citywide outstanding actor award by the Boston Globe. Since moving to Los Angeles, he has starred in multiple high profile music videos (Hard 2 Face Reality, 175 Million Views, My Blood, 38 Million Views, Only Want You, 34 Million Views, etc) and commercials; such as Adidas’ Nite Bear campaign. Since helping to create Tangerine Funk, Benjamin has produced and worked as the director of photography on two short films and three music videos, as well as many reel scenes for aspiring actors. 

Email me: ben.i.lewin@gmail.com

Grace Bosley

Supervising Editor, Director

Grace Bosley is an actress, editor, director, and the co-founder of Tangerine Funk. She recently completed work as the lead editor on the feature film Tales of Shakespeare as well as 3 award nominated short films. She currently works as the head editor for a monetized Youtube channel. At International Talent Showcase acting competition, with over 5k contestants, she placed in the top three in all categories in which she competed; walking with first place for the monologue round. She will be appearing as a co-star in the Luke Wilson comedy, The Swing of Things. Since forming Tangerine Funk, Grace has shot and edited numerous reel scenes for actors, edited two short films and directed her fourth short film with a budget over 5k.

Email me: gracebosley@gmail.com

Kelci Loring

Director of Client Relations

Kelci Loring is an actress, vocalist, and co-founder of Tangerine Funk. She has been seen as a regular on a monetized webseries, as well as starring in multiple short films. She is currently a brand ambassador for several companies. Kelci has worked with a wide variety of theatres including the Hangar Theatre, the Adirondack Theatre Festival, and Saratoga Shakespeare Company. She has toured with the prestigious Missoula Children’s Theater, and is currently a professional acting and music educator for all ages. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre from Russell Sage College in New York.

Email me: kelciloring@gmail.com

Samm Stein-Azen

Artistic Director, Writer

Samm Stein-Azen is an excellent writer who values conciseness over all else.

Email me: sjazen@gmail.com

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