Reel Scenes For Actors

We know how difficult it can be to move to Los Angeles. You’re thrown into a big city with nothing but your dreams and you need to put together a portfolio. If you’ve looked at the other guys’ prices for making an actor’s reel, you’re probably wondering why it’s so expensive. The simple answer; we don’t have the overhead they do. We offer professional quality scenes at the price you need to start your career without living on ramen and beans for a year. We even allow you to purchase reel scenes as a group so you and a few friends can take advantage of the lower prices of our more comprehensive packages.

Single Reel Scene With Editing$525
Two Reel Scenes With Editing$975
Three Reel Scenes With Editing$1350
Four Reel Scenes With Editing$1725
Five Reel Scenes With Editing$2150
*Reel Scenes May Be Purchased As A Group

Music Videos And Films

You want to produce your own content, you want to bring it to festivals or shop it to producers, but you don’t have your own production arm. Not a problem. With our low prices, you’ll feel like you kept all the production in house.

Music Video Shooting$350 Per Day
Music Video Editing$250 Per Day
Film Shooting$425 Per Day
Film Editing$250 Per Day
Marketing/SEO$125 Per Day

Business Services

You need to market your services or create an eye catching go fund me campaign, but you don’t have the creatives in house to get it done. Not a problem. We have years of experience working with the business world to create sleek and modern marketing tools for the forward thinking businessperson.

Filming$350 Per Day
Editing$250 Per Day
Content Creation$150 Per Day
Photography$150 Per Day
Marketing/SEO$125 Per Day

Tangerine Funk made me a premium reel scene at a price that my friends would have thought was too low. I don’t know how they make money, but i’m definitely using them again!

— Preston Shaw

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