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You Don’t Need To Break The Bank To Break Out

Tangerine Funk manages to bring professional production to all who want it. Whether you are a new actor looking for a reel or a big name artist who needs to film their next music video at a price their manager can swallow, Tangerine Funk has you covered.

Vitamin C What We’re About

Production is pricey. It’s a fact of the industry. but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Tangerine Funk’s time tested efficiency model allows you to cut out the expenses you don’t need. How do we decide what to cut out? Its simple, we prioritize what makes a production professional. We bring the highest quality equipment and piece the rest together with grit and ingenuity.

Service Categories

Made to Order Reel Scenes

Reel Scenes for the modern actor. Custom written, produced, directed, edited, and delivered to you; restaurant quality at a grocery store price.

Film and Music Video Production

Creative works built for you. Whether you need a full concept designed start to finish, or just an amazing editor, Tangerine Funk has a package for you.

Business Marketing Content

Business materials for the modern businessperson. You bring the business acumen, we make sure you stand out. Our creatives have a long, productive history working with businesses.

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